The future of workplace motivation

Your workforce is comprised of a variety of different people who define your organisation. Each and every one of them needs to be appreciated, encouraged and motivated to succeed. When going about day-to-day life at your business, you’ve likely discovered just how many different personality types there are. By uncovering the various dimensions of their […]

Create brand champions with customer gifts

In the world of social media, peer recommendations are more powerful than any advertising or marketing strategy. Considering that many purchase experiences are based on how your customer feels, their experience should not be understated. The best way to improve your customers’ experiences is to give them what they want and a simple solution, is […]

Stay on top of changes to the workplace well into 2019

Ensure your employees are supported with their roles Reigniting the fire in your employee incentive programme can ensure your business is on the right track throughout the year. With 22% of employees leaving their current positions due to an enhance remuneration and benefits package being offered by a new employer, a sure way to show […]

The business benefits of employee reward schemes

Reduced absenteeism, and an increase in engagement, productivity and creativity – happy employees result in happy customers, and a better bottom line for your business. With the right incentive scheme, you can ensure everyone from Steve the smiley secretary to Andrea the amazing account manager are motivated to achieve their best. Not only will this […]

Improve customer loyalty with on-going perks and rewards

Given your concern with the continued growth of your customer base, you’ve likely found that enticing new customers is quite a challenge, and as the market continues to shift and evolve, it turns out keeping them is an increasingly difficult task too. Luckily, there’s a solution… Listen carefully to your customers When customers don’t feel […]

The rules of promotional gifts for customers this Christmas

The rules of promotional gifts for customers this Christmas Christmas is sneaking up on us yet again, and whilst you’re busy tying the final bows in December deals and wrapping up business for the year, it’s important to remember the value of gift giving your customers. Give a gift this Christmas for greater business  Download […]

Enrich employees’ work/life balance and reap the rewards

Enrich employees’ work/life balance and reap the rewards With hundreds of Christmas cards to write, family and friends to visit and business deals to finish, your workforce have got a lot on their minds, and as a HR representative, you’re likely feeling the pressure too. So, with your to-do list already longer than Santa’s, we […]

Employee gifts to empower self-expression and motivation

Employee gifts to empower self-expression and motivation Employee engagement, motivation and creativity can be difficult to maintain, especially if workers feel they are little more than a payroll reference number. However, we’re all aware of the positive impact employee gifts and rewards can have on energy levels in the workplace. So that’s the answer then, […]