Corporate gifting is about more than giving thanks. It’s about thoughtfully rewarding colleagues and clients, leaving a long-lasting impression, and inspiring confidence and continued collaboration. 

Delve into the digital pages of our Inspire blog to learn more about the importance and impact of corporate gifts – whether you’re looking to build a company recognition strategy, uplift workplace morale or make that special someone feel truly appreciated.

What do your customer gifts say about your brand values?

When it comes to choosing the right corporate gifts for your customers, there’s a lot to consider. Do the gifts offer enough breadth of appeal to suit all tastes and […]

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Inclusion, diversity and the trickiness of rewarding everyone equally

Over the last five to ten years, inclusion and diversity have been the watchwords within forward-thinking HR departments. A diverse workforce, in which every employee feels comfortable being their true […]

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Improving morale in the workplace

The ongoing cost of living crisis has been a daily talking point – and a daily source of stress – for millions of Britons. Soaring inflation and energy bills have […]

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First impressions your customer will remember

Making a good first impression in our personal lives is important, but it’s just as crucial when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. With 54% of customers saying they […]

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Make employee first impressions unique and memorable

When hiring new employees, it’s easy to see why your prospective workforce would want to make a good first impression, but it’s also important to consider what they think about […]

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Delivering exceptional customer experiences in a digital world

From the increase in the popularity of omnichannel, to the continued growth of e-commerce and social media marketing, much of customer experience has gone digital. To stay competitive and win […]

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Discover the future of exceptional employee experiences

To simplify processes, streamline tasks, and deliver truly outstanding employee experiences in 2021, many businesses are embracing powerful technological tools. From new software for employee onboarding, to the latest and […]

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How to give back to your customers this Christmas

If you want to show your customers just how much you appreciate their loyalty, and inspire them to spend more with your business, you of course need the right reward […]

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Discover how to create a culture of giving at your business this Christmas

If you want to show your employees just how much you appreciate their hard work this Christmas, you of course need the right reward and recognition strategy. But giving isn’t […]

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