The lasting impact of corporate gifts

Choosing the best corporate gifts for your customers or colleagues: it’s part art, part science – and all-important.

Discover this year’s key gifting moments in our 2024 calendar, and deliver positive business impact all-year round.

80% of people

An M&S Gift Card is the smart gifting choice. In fact, when we surveyed 1,000 British people, 80% said they’d feel ‘truly delighted’ or ‘genuinely appreciated’ if they received an M&S Gift Card from a business. 

Click below to read the full report, ‘Unforgettable impressions: What do your corporate gifts say about your brand?’.


Why M&S Corporate Gifts?

The gifts you give at Christmas say so much about how you view your giftees. Show them you truly appreciate their commitment this year with M&S Corporate Gifts.


Forge real emotional connections


Stand out from the crowd

Halo effect

Harness the halo effect of M&S’ corporate values

Emotional impact

Provide fun, memorable experiences

Brand elevation

Show you care with thoughtful, premium treats

Brand loyalty

Create lasting impact that builds loyalty