Cost-effective employee gifts that make Christmas wishes come true

Posted on September 11, 2023 by Kess Crighton

It’s no secret that reward and recognition initiatives significantly increase employee morale, motivation and engagement across your workforce – and improve your company’s overall performance. After all, happy teams create happy businesses. 

According to a 2023 article published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), 82% of employees are happier when they’re recognised at work, while engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their role and 21% more profitable to the business. 

The ROI of recognition is clear. But despite these undeniable benefits, the ongoing cost-of-living crisis has forced companies to cut back on employee gifting schemes. HR leaders have had to balance the increasing cost of benefits with tight budgets, and are looking for cost-effective ways to keep staff engaged – and keep delivering returns for their business. 

Christmas employee gifting provides an ideal opportunity to do exactly that. Treating staff to a thoughtful Christmas gift is a cost-effective way to ensure you end 2023 on a high – and lay the foundations for a positive, productive 2024. 

Christmas gifting means more this year

Your employees are feeling the strain of the continued cost-of-living crisis. It’s affecting their finances, and their mental health and wellbeing, so extending a gesture of appreciation will mean more than ever this year. 

Treating your employees to a thoughtful gift will ensure they feel seen, special and valued, helping to increase morale, motivation and engagement. And as the gift is likely to be a little unexpected this Christmas, its increased emotional impact will help you foster the strong connections you need to deliver lasting impact for your business. 

You can’t put a price on magic 

The most cost-effective employee gifts aren’t always the cheapest – but they don’t have to be overly elaborate or expensive to be impactful, either. The gifts that deliver the most value are those that engender strong emotional reactions across your workforce. 

Think about the last time you received a truly thoughtful gift. Whether you’re picturing a scrapbook of a shared adventure, or an inscribed piece of jewellery, it probably sparked an emotional reaction. It might have made you laugh, brought you to ‘happy tears’, or compelled you to show gratitude to the giver. These powerful reactions help to build strong bonds, and ensure the gesture is remembered for longer. 

It’s these magical moments that make thoughtful employee gifting such a powerful investment at Christmas. When you make staff feel truly appreciated, you’ll create positive emotional connections with them – delivering significant return on investment for your business. You can’t put a price on magic. 

Christmas magic enclosed

Treating employees to an M&S Gift Card is the ideal way to show staff how much you appreciate them. 

To many people across the UK, M&S is synonymous with Christmas – so an M&S Gift Card is much more than a cash equivalent enclosed in a festive envelope. It unlocks a touch of Christmas magic itself, and gives your recipients permission to treat themselves to all their favourites from the M&S range – from matching pyjamas for all the family, to a decadent Christmas pudding for the big day. 

M&S is also very reasonably priced across the board, with many everyday items – such as bread, milk and sausages – available at a lower cost than other supermarkets. An M&S Gift Card unlocks exceptional quality and excellent value – whether your staff are topping up on household essentials or indulging in their festive favourites from the M&S range.

An M&S Gift Card is a cost-effective, yet impactful gift at any denomination. You don’t have to spend a lot to spark a little magic in the hearts of your employees – ensuring the lasting impact on engagement and productivity is felt long into the new year. 

A small token of appreciation, but a big impact for your business. 

A little sparkle goes a long way 

M&S is renowned for its exceptional quality products and excellent value for money. Your employees can use their M&S Gift Card to purchase a surprisingly wide selection of items from the M&S range, and our carefully curated collection of brands – including Clarks, Craghoppers and Clinique. All your employees will find something they love – no matter their personal taste.

So whether you’re looking to reward junior members of your team, or surprise the SLT with an extra-special gift – or both! – M&S Gift Cards provide a truly thoughtful option for everyone. Place your corporate gifting order in three simple steps.

Or to see exactly what your employees could spend their M&S Gift Card on, explore our Christmas gifting guide: Explore gifts.