Helping Colleagues Spend Christmas Well

Motivating Your Team During the Christmas Build Up

Christmas Gifting BrochureYour colleagues have worked hard this year. Christmas is a time to celebrate their growth and success over the year- but for some, it’s a struggle.

Recent studies suggest that 1 in 4 employees feel least motivated during the Christmas period compared to any other time of year. This decline in motivation can be due to a number of factors, with colleagues arriving at work and leaving in the dark, bad weather making their commute or their time out of work a nightmare and the anticipation of the Christmas Holiday being their top priority.

Help your colleagues make the most of this time with a positive approach to increasing staff motivation to help keep spirits high.

Getting in the Festive Spirit

Rallying your colleagues to decorate the office, exchange Secret Santa gifts and even playing Christmas music in the office can create a festive atmosphere which will lift everyone’s spirits. You might also want to think about festive outings at lunch time or after work, such as ice skating or Christmas quizzes to lift the office’s spirits.

It’s important not to ignore the Christmas period; instead, use this time to engage your employees colleagues and show them that how much you value them.

Keeping Momentum

Setting targets for the end of the year can help your team stay focused. This gives guidance to your colleagues and motivation to achieve something before they break up for Christmas.

Along with experiencing their own personal satisfaction, it’s important to recognised and reward individuals for reaching their targets.

Get your team on board by making them aware of the targets, and any rewards once they’ve reached them. Make sure you keep targets within reach to ensure high spirits this festive season.

Christmas party

The staff Christmas party offers everyone the chance to let their hair down, have some fun and build on internal relationships. Throwing your Christmas party is something for everyone to look forward to, however there are advantages to throwing your party a bit earlier in the month, creating a buzz around the office also gives colleagues more to talk (and laugh) about in the office after the event.

Share the Magic of Christmas Gifts

Buying gifts for your colleagues is a great way to give them the recognition they deserve. Your colleagues will feel appreciated and feel more motivated to finish the year on a high with a wonderfully unexpected gift.

Help them spend Christmas well. From beautifully packaged hampers to gift cards, find the perfect gift for everyone on your ‘nice’ list.

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