Christmas Hampers – The Personal Business Gift

Five must-know findings from our research into the travel & leisure sector.

The Art of Giving

With the holiday season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can reward both staff and customers over the Christmas period.

Rewarding Staff At Christmas

Christmas is a key time to let your staff know how much you appreciate them. Learn how to reward staff the right way.

Acquiring Customers

With consumers expecting more than the standard service, how does the financial sector attract new customers and keep them loyal?

Measuring Customer Behaviour

Having an accurate measure of customer behaviour is important. How can you understand what customers like, dislike, need and want?

Lasting Customer Relationships

Building a strategy for lasting customer relationships is tough for any industry, but how does the financial industry fare?

Loyalty Schemes in Travel & Leisure

How and why the travel & leisure industry should use loyalty schemes: the statistics.

Create an Effective Marketing Plan

Find out the best strategies & tactics for an effective marketing plan to help your business thrive.

Improve your Networking Skills

Love it or hate it, business networking is a valuable way to grow your business, generate new ideas & make new contacts.