The Changing Face of HR

As your workforce continues to grow and change, keeping everyone happy might seem like an impossible challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

HR and workplace motivation

As an HR manager, director, chief of culture, or king/queen of quirky incentive schemes, you know that motivating your colleagues can sometimes be a challenge...

Spend it Well

‘Spend it Well’ is about grabbing life, burning the nice candles, wearing your best coat, breaking out the best biscuits and saying no to food that doesn’t take you to extraordinary places.

Introducing M&S Corporate Gifts

The world is constantly changing and you need to change with it. That’s why we are rolling out a re-brand. Introducing the shiny new ‘M&S Corporate Gifts’.

An M&S Gift Card

An M&S gift card can mean so many things to different people. Above all, an M&S gift card is the freedom to decide what they want, on their terms.

The Psychology of Gifting

The freedom to get what you really want, helping others to spend their life well. A gift card can mean so many things.

Engaging Workforces Infographic

An engaged workforce is a happy workforce, and a happy workforce equates to productivity in your business. Find out how to bring joy to your business.

Spread More Happiness Infographic

Customers don't just expect the best price for their service, but for added value too. Find out how to give them the best customer service.

Customer Gifting Infographic

Rewarding your existing customers with a corporate gift is a great way of thanking them for their custom and loyalty to your business. Discover what the best way to say thank you is.