How small businesses can expand their client base during Christmas

xmas 22

The festive season offers businesses the perfect opportunity to expand their client base. Randomly contacting prospects at most times of the year can be unexpected and unwanted, however Christmas is a time for generosity and bringing people together, therefore it provides a platform to build new relationships. There are plenty of ways to reach out to new clients at Christmas but you must make sure you take the right approach. If you’re wondering how to grow your business at Christmas, take a few tips from us.

Christmas cards

Sending out your businesses’ annual Christmas card is a great way to let your clients and customers know you are thinking about them. With the availability of digital technology it is easy to send out an E-card to your entire client list, but when it comes to your prospects, you may want to take a more individual approach. Hand written, personalised cards leave more of a lasting impression and are more likely to get noticed than a standard E-card which your prospect could easily delete without even looking at it.

Hosting a charitable event

Christmas is a time for giving and what better way to show your prospects the type of business you are by hosting a charitable event to raise money for the less fortunate. Pick an appropriate charity, perhaps a local soup kitchen, and have a fundraising event in aid of them. You can invite current clients and prospects along and build your relationships while contributing to a good cause.

The Christmas dinner

Inviting your top prospects to a lavish Christmas dinner in a private venue is a great way to get to know them better and show your generosity. Christmas offers a rare opportunity to invite your prospects to this type of event without it seeming forced. Bonding over a tasty meal and a few glasses of wine will help to cement your relationship and with the New Year just around the corner your prospect may be looking to do business with a company just like yours in 2016.

Christmas gifts

As we said before, Christmas is the time for giving and by reaching out to your prospects with a unique gift you are sure to impress them. This type of generosity does not go unnoticed and with the right gift you might just strike up a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship! At M&S for business, we have a wide variety of Christmas products, including our Christmas Hampers and Gift Cards which would make the ideal gift. Each Hamper and gift card can be personalised and you choose a budget to suit you!

Christmas is a time that has everyone is high spirits and whichever approach you decide to take is sure to have positive results. This is an ideal time to start developing relationships as we approach the New Year which offers a wealth of opportunities. If you need advice on the best approach to take this Christmas, feel free to get in touch with us and we will help to make the decision easier.