Build Better Customer Relationships

Build Better Customer Relationships If you’ve ever been on the wrong side of a persistent door-to-door salesman, you know there’s nothing more irritating than feeling pressured, coerced or harassed- especially […]

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Customer Acquisition Needs a New Approach

Customer Acquisition Needs a New Approach Generating new custom is harder than ever. Why? The market is changing. Here’s how… Discover some of the ways the market is changing Download […]

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Measuring Customer Behaviour

Understand your customers to provide them with a relevant offering they’re interested in. Our recent research into acquisition and retention schemes in the insurance industry discovered that while it may be beneficial […]

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Building Long Lasting Relationships With Your Customers

Building customer relationships to help with your acquisition & retention Developing a strong customer acquisition and retention strategy can be tough in any industry. With many consumers expecting more than […]

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Psychology of Gifting

In the UK, £24 billion will be spent on gifts over the festive period, totalling 760 million presents each year. Christmas is seen as a time of giving to others, […]

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20 Tips to Make Your Customers Fall In Love With Your Brand

The one thing that all successful brands have in common is quite simply that their customers love them! Not only are these brands loved, but they are trusted, relied upon […]

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Acquisition and Retention Schemes

How to attract customers and keep them: Using reward schemes within your customer acquisition and retention strategy Developing a strong customer acquisition and retention strategy can be tough in any […]

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