Introducing M&S Corporate Gifts

Posted on August 20, 2017 by Anthony Mortimer

There have been a few changes around here

The world is constantly changing, and to keep ahead of the pack you need to change with it. That’s why we are rolling out a re-brand. So, let us introduce the shiny new ‘M&S Corporate Gifts’.

So, what’s different with M&S Corporate Gifts?

  • Well, we are still offering the same outstanding service, ensuring our customers can put their trust in us to get the job done.
  • We still have an incredible range of products, each one designed to put a smile on the recipients face.
  • We still take our customers through each stage of their rewards strategy journey, offering expert advice along the way.
  • But the way we portray our message has changed.

Business is about people and relationships, not just stats and figures

In the world of corporate gifting, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details. ‘What’s our customer retention rate?’, ‘How can we increase our customer satisfaction percentage?’ and ‘Have we reached our acquisition target?’ are all important questions which we will still find the answer to, but what about the people? We feel it’s time to start asking some new questions. ‘How did we make people feel today?’, ‘Do we show our customers we really know and appreciate them?’ and ‘How can we help people to live out their dreams’ are the new questions we should be asking ourselves.

Our new approach aims to enable positive and personal relationships between you and your customers or employees. We want to see them dancing with delight at the mere mention of your name as a true bond starts to form between you.

Make them feel special, because that’s exactly what they are

To your business, customers and employees mean the world, so it’s time to make them feel special. The M&S Gift Card offering goes way beyond a simple ‘generic gift idea’; it allows the imagination to run wild as you give the recipient the choice to find a gift which fulfills their personal desires.

When you give an M&S Gift card to your client, customer or employee, we want it to be an all-out assault on the senses. We want them to be able to taste the delicious Mediterranean roasting vegetables and pesto chicken, smell the bouquet of vibrant, summer flowers and feel the new silk shirt they could be buying with their M&S gift card.

This re-brand is our gift to you, our customers old and new, to show you that we won’t ever stop innovating our service to guarantee you get the best results from your reward strategies. We’ll have a shiny new website coming later in the year so watch this space, but until then feel free to contact our team today if you have any questions or just want to chat about our services.