Employee gifts to empower self-expression and motivation

Posted on October 23, 2018 by Anthony Mortimer

Employee gifts to empower self-expression and motivation

Employee engagement, motivation and creativity can be difficult to maintain, especially if workers feel they are little more than a payroll reference number. However, we’re all aware of the positive impact employee gifts and rewards can have on energy levels in the workplace. So that’s the answer then, right? Not quite. There are plenty more opportunities for positive outcomes.

Allow employees to be themselves

90.2% of UK professionals think people should be able to express themselves at work [i].

Now, before you start worrying about Frank using bad language or Ellen behaving unprofessionally, the expressions can be much more subtle than that. For example, a new outfit or style, a new diet, or even a new hair colour could be enough to make your workforce feel like expressing their individuality.

Why is self-expression so important?

It’s clear that workers want to express themselves, and we’ve also established that this can be done whilst remaining professional. So, what are the business benefits? Why should you bother considering this type of policy? Well, when employees are being themselves, levels of creativity are likely to rise. This is because those who feel they’re able to express themselves are more inclined to share their ideas and opinions. Establishing a workplace climate where people can share their emotions leads to greater productivity, innovation and creativity.

Giving the gift of self-expression

When awarding and gifting employees, the go-to move is usually wine or chocolates. However, these gifts are rather definitive and give zero opportunity for your workforce to choose something that represents their character. So, the best solution is gifts cards – and more precisely, M&S Corporate Gift cards. Accepted in over 750 stores nationwide and online, our gift cards, e-gift cards, and e-codes all enable your employees to buy gifts that truly mean something to them. Whether it’s a fancy new outfit to show off their new style, an award-winning bottle of wine that meets their unique tastes, or a delicious meal to enjoy on their new diet – we’ve got you covered.

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[i] https://www.cv-library.co.uk/recruitment-insight/why-you-should-encourage-your-employees-to-be-themselves/