Boost Business in the Media Industry

In the media industry you have mere seconds to grab the attention of your audience. Make those seconds count.

With a saturated market and such a short exposure time, it can be difficult to present your business and what you stand for. Keep their attention for a little longer with M&S Corporate Gifts.

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Achieve more this year with M&S Corporate Gifts. Our products have helped thousands of businesses, including media clients.

Who M&S Corporate Gifts is for:

Our specialist team works with a range of media outlets including:

– National Newspapers
– Consumer Magazines
– TV & Radio

How to use M&S Corporate Gifts in the media industry:

Working with our team, our products are tailored to solve your requirements. Our gift cards and hampers – to name a few – are used in a number of strategies, such as:

Staff Rewards

Our employee recognition solutions can help you motivate staff and reward high performers for exceptional work or performance.

Customer Acquisition

With so many publications sharing much of the same news, it’s increasingly hard to assure prospective customers that your offering is the right one to choose. Stand out from your competitors and increase your customer base by improving your offering. Find out more about our customer acquisition strategies.

Customer Retention

Continue to engage with your customer base and offer perks in order to aid customer retention.


When consumers find a media style they like, they tend to stay with them. Create loyal customers by personally rewarding loyal readers or listeners. People are committed to brands they believe they have developed a genuine relationship with.


Motivate staff to beat business targets with rewards, or motivate your audience to tune in.

We also specialise in trade promotions & procurement and offer volume discounts, making M&S Corporate Gifts even better value.

Why use M&S Corporate Gifts:

– Ability to spend our products in over 800 stores throughout the UK
– Strong brand recognition, brand association and dual branded campaigns
– Experienced and award-winning sales team to help you every step of the way
– Specialists in the B2B incentive market


Whatever your requirements, we have an extensive range to suit your business. With everything from gift cards to luxury hampers, there’s always an item at M&S to match your objectives, audience and budget.

Are you a marketing decision maker? Integrate M&S Corporate Gifts into your 2016 strategy; benefit from superior brand association and utilise the opportunity to add innovative tactics to meet your business objectives.

Contact our dedicated and experienced team online or via telephone and start planning your campaign today.