The perfect gift for customers this Christmas

Posted on November 30, 2018 by Anthony Mortimer

No business wants to give their customers a present they don’t like or want, especially given the impact this can have on a company’s bottom line. But when you consider the fact that over half of people surveyed admitted they returned their Christmas gifts, it appears that many of us aren’t quite hitting the mark.[i]

When you give your customers an unimpressive present, it can have a negative impact on your relationship, as it sends a very clear message: you haven’t taken the time to get to know your customers.

Choosing the right gifts for customers this Christmas might seem like an impossible challenge. But there’s no need to fret, because when it comes to customer gifting, we happen to know our stuff, and this year, we’re here to help you…

Personalised presents

In 2018, providing customers with a personalised service to improve customer experience has been one of the most popular trends utilised across the majority of industries. You might therefore be wondering how you can achieve personalisation with your Christmas gifts this year. Should you spend days researching each and every one of your customers, in order to determine their perfect present? We don’t think it has to be that complicated…

82% of people surveyed wanted a gift card for Christmas.[ii]

At M&S, we’re a firm believer in giving customers want they want, and it seems the people have spoken. There’s little more personalised than the choice to select the gift that suits your mood, need or desire in the moment. That’s why our gift cards empower customers to shop in any of our 730+ stores, so that no matter where they are, they can discover the ultimate Christmas gift for them – one they won’t plan on returning.

Reward loyalty for reliable retention

Giving your customers the recognition they truly deserve is a sure-fire way to maximise retention. With an M&S gift card, you can invite your customers to indulge where they might previously have been unable to. Recognise your loyal shopper Sandra by giving her the opportunity to pick up that dress she’s had her eye on. Or, give Steve the power to spend a little extra on this year’s turkey, and cook up a Christmas dinner that dreams are made of. When you reward your customers in this way, you should them just how much you value their commerce, enabling your business to continue developing your brand-customer relationships…

63% of surveyed respondents say giving gifts directly improves relationships with clients.[iii]

Brand advocates are brilliant for business. A loyal customer’s opinion of your company can drive customers to your door, which is why rewarding their loyalty is so important.

Give a gift this Christmas for greater business

Promotional products bring in up to 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than just an appeal letter.[iv]

To ensure you remain on your customers minds well into 2019, show them you respect their interests. How? Empower every one of your customers to spend it well this Christmas with an M&S gift cards.

To celebrate your customers this Christmas, find out more about our gift cards. Check out our latest eBook…  Deliver delightful gifts to customers this Christmas