What would your business be without the customer? They are the ones who will decide whether or not your products sell or your services succeed, so it’s vital to show them the appreciation they deserve.

The business owner who doesn’t offer a little something extra to entice new customers or reward existing customers for their loyalty is missing out on a world of opportunity. At M&S Corporate Gifts, we have seen first-hand just how effective a rewards strategy can be for customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.

So, what does M&S Corporate Gifts actually offer your customers? Well, it depends where they are in their customer journey:


Prospective customers need reassurance that your business is the most logical choice. By offering an added incentive, such as an M&S gift card, you give them that little push which turns a prospect into a customer.


Your existing customers can always be swayed to switch to your competitors’ products or services if they don’t feel valued by your business. Show them what they mean to you and nurture that important relationship.


A loyal customer is a brand advocate. Their opinion of your business can drive more customers to your door, so you certainly want to reward their loyalty. Give them the recognition that they truly deserve.

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With M&S Corporate Gifts, your business has the opportunity to align themselves with the trusted name of Marks & Spencer. Not only does this give your customer more confidence in your own brand, it also leaves them dreaming of all the high-quality foods and products they could be purchasing with their M&S gift card…

How we can make your customers feel

to start doing business with you and receive their award

It’s time for businesses to worry less about what their customers think of them and more about how they are making their customers feel with each and every interaction.

If you want to start giving something extra to your customers, contact the friendly team at M&S Corporate Gifts today.