Corporate gifts can be used to reward the unsung heroes of your organisation, as well as motivate and empower individuals. A token of thanks for your loyal customers can also speak volumes. At M&S Corporate Gifts, our range of Gift Cards, e-Gift Cards and e-Codes give people the freedom to choose the most meaningful gift for them.


Rewarding those at the heart of your organisation can have a lasting positive impact. Whether you’re gifting as part of your employee wellbeing programme or as an ad hoc gift for a job well done, the importance of a “Thank you” shouldn’t be underestimated.

Through on-going rewards, you can make your employees feel truly valued and encourage them to go the extra mile, boosting their productivity and motivation, which your business’ bottom line will reap the benefits of.

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By rewarding your most loyal customers or enticing new customers, you’ll not only demonstrate how much you appreciate their custom, in turn you’ll also aid your retention scheme, encouraging them to keep working with you or buying your products.

Through consistent small tokens of appreciation, you’ll also be able to improve your customer acquisition strategy through developing brand champions, who will shout your kindness from the rooftops – a crucial element for many businesses.

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Seasonal Gifting

There’s no better time to celebrate than giving meaningful rewards at Christmas. Surprising your employees and customers with an M&S Corporate Gift will speak volumes. Whether you want to keep front of mind throughout the last quarter of the year or want to motivate your team through a busy season, a corporate gift will go a long way.

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