Customer Acquisition Ideas – It’s Time to Think Differently

Customer Acquisition Ideas – It’s Time to Think Differently Your business wants new customers. Unfortunately, this desire is not a unique one. Along with every one of your competitors, you’re always searching for innovative ways to create relationships with prospects, and in a world that continues to evolve technologically, this is becoming increasingly difficult. The […]

Customer Acquisition Needs a New Approach

Customer Acquisition Needs a New Approach Generating new custom is harder than ever. Why? The market is changing. Here’s how… Discover some of the ways the market is changing Download Now As the market continues to evolve, creating new business might seem like an impossible challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. To improve customer […]

The Influence of HR on Workplace Motivation

The Influence of HR on Workplace Motivation If you’re a HR representative, manager, director, chief of culture, or king/queen of quirky incentive schemes, you know that motivating your colleagues on a stuffy Monday morning can be a challenge, but it’s one you accept heartily. Whether you wake up to a stonking headache, hangry little ones, […]

HR’s Evolution: from Policing Staff to Motivating Employees

HR’s Evolution: from Policing Staff to Motivating Employees Discover the evolution of HR from 1970 to 2018 and find out how departments and management roles within them have undergone a complete transformation… Discover the evolution of HR through the decades Download Now As your workforce continues to grow and change, keeping everyone happy might seem […]

Measuring Customer Behaviour

Understand your customers to provide them with a relevant offering they’re interested in. Our recent research into acquisition and retention schemes in the insurance industry discovered that while it may be beneficial to implement a reward scheme and obtain good working relationships with consumers, having an accurate measure of how your campaigns are working is important. Customers’ […]

Grow Your Business With an Effective Marketing Plan

It is common knowledge in the business community that well thought out marketing plans lead to effective marketing strategies. Where many falter is that they do not know the best methods of creating a marketing plan, what to include and how to structure it. What is a marketing plan? The marketing plan is a document […]

Building Long Lasting Relationships With Your Customers

Building customer relationships to help with your acquisition & retention Developing a strong customer acquisition and retention strategy can be tough in any industry. With many consumers expecting more than the standard service, how do businesses within the financial sector attract new customers and keep them loyal? In an effort to find out, M&S Corporate […]

Psychology of Gifting

In the UK, £24 billion will be spent on gifts over the festive period, totalling 760 million presents each year. Christmas is seen as a time of giving to others, saying thank you and appreciating what you have. As a society we love giving presents, but each year over £700 million is wasted on unwanted […]

20 Tips to Make Your Customers Fall In Love With Your Brand

The one thing that all successful brands have in common is quite simply that their customers love them! Not only are these brands loved, but they are trusted, relied upon and put on a pedestal against the competition. Once a customer loves your brand, not only will they return to you time and time again […]

What an M&S Gift Card can give

When it comes to business gifts, it can be difficult to know what to give. Some gifts may seem too personal, whereas some might not be useful and will be cast aside, a wasted present. While you might not be able to sense what the recipient truly desires, they themselves will know what they want, […]