About M&S

  • 24 million customers shop in M&S every week, with a further 2 million shopping with us online
  • With over 798 stores in the UK and over 455 internationally, voucher and card redemption is simple
  • Over 2.7 billion individual M&S products are bought each year
  • Over 93% of the UK population is within in a 30-minute drive of a full line M&S store

M&S no1 clother retailer

Marks & Spencer is Britain’s
number one clothes retailer.

We also attract more shoppers through our doors than anyone else on the high street, enticed by a constantly diversifying range that includes award-winning food and wine, quality gifts and flowers. On top of this we boast the third largest coffee chain in the UK, M&S Café. That makes our corporate incentive, reward and gift programmes more appealing than ever.

M&S appeal

Universal Appeal

  • Over a third of all British women and a quarter of men now shop with us for clothes and accessories. And we’ll help you attract them to your business.
  • Half of the UK’s AB population shops for clothes with us, and a quarter of C2s, Ds and Es. With over-45s, we’re the clear market leader, but 20% of 25 to 34 year-olds also shop for clothes with us. With over 798 stores nationwide plus online and telephone shopping, we have strong penetration in every region.
  • We also sell a staggering £12 million worth of Percy Pig sweets per year!

All of which means we’re universally popular. So whoever you’re targeting with M&S incentives and rewards, they’re sure to love them.


Did you know?

  • During Easter 2012 we sold over 580,000 of our Golden Hot Cross Buns
  • We now have the most engaged Facebook fan base of any top 20 retailer, with over 1.2 million fans and more than 120,000 Twitter followers.
  • The Dine In for £20 promotion for Valentine’s Day saw almost 700,000 couples enjoying a romantic meal at home.
  • We re-used or recycled 147 million clothes hangers in 2011/2012
  • The total number of our employees is over 82,000
  • During our peak summer week, we sell over 13 million strawberries.

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