Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition Strategies

M&S recruitment campaigns have produced outstanding results across a wide range of sectors which have delivered thousands of customers to many happy clients.

With exceptional redemption rates, your M&S gift will always be appreciated. By the power of association you could blow the competition away by partnering with M&S.

After over 125 years on the high street, we are still a growing brand and have a reputation that is second to none. Our legacy of delivering exceptional levels of returns from recruitment and retention campaigns is unrivalled and we want to help you drive sales further.

Using our expertise in customer acquisition and retention, we completed research and talked to some of the leading insurance providers to gain an insight into what strategies attract and retain customers. We found that customers don’t just expect the best price for their policy, but look for an added value, whether this is loyalty schemes, rewards or a refer a friend scheme.

Speak to our dedicated team today to see how M&S can help drive customer acquisition within your business. Read about how we have helped nationwide brands such as O2, Honda, RAC and Barclaycard.

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