Lunch To You FAQs

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When would I use Lunch To You?

We cater for all business occasions, from board meetings to training days, with a ready to eat menu of food delivered direct to business addresses.

How do I contact the Lunch To You team?

Please call us on 0044 (0)333 014 8333, or us on email:
Office opening times are: 0830 – 1700 Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays).

What are the deadlines for placing orders?

Must be ordered by 4pm two working days prior to delivery. For example Monday by 4pm for Wednesday delivery, and order by Friday 4pm for Monday and Tuesday delivery.

What would I get as a substitution if a product is not available?

If a product is not available M&S will replace it with a similar product where possible. This could be a product at a lower or higher price than the original one selected. M&S reserves the right to substitute products without prior notice for any reason – see terms and conditions on website. Please go to  for further information.

What are my amendments or cancellation options?

Amendments need to be made before 4pm the day before delivery or 4pm on Friday for Monday delivery. Should you need to cancel your order, please do so via the web-site, or be email before 4pm two working days before delivery. If cancelled after this time, the order will be charged in full.

Is there a minimum order value?

£35 (this includes a delivery charge of £5.50).

What are my delivery options?

We only deliver to business addresses Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

What are the delivery times?

We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time. The time slots are: 9am – 12 noon, 12 noon – 1pm, 1pm – 2pm and after 2pm.

What are the areas you deliver to?

Central London, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester. Customers can check if we deliver to their area by going to the ‘how to order’ page on the website and putting in their postcode. Please go to  for further information.

How do I register?

Before you can place an order you will need to register your business on the website. Once you have done this you will receive an automated email with a password. This is the email address that you register with and the password given that you use to login when placing an order. There is no limit to the number of contacts allowed on an account, however we are only able to discuss the account with named contacts. Please go to  for further information.

How do I place an order?

We would advise that orders are placed via the website, however we are able to accept them by fax or email. We are unable to place orders over the phone. Please go to  for further information.

What are my payment method options?

Credit card payment is not taken until day of delivery in case any items ordered are not available. This would result in a price change from the original order confirmation sent.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

They are available on the lunch to go website. Please go to for further information.

What happens if I have missing/damaged items?

Speak to our team and they will be happy to advise. Any complaints must by logged with the customer service team within 24 hours of receipt of delivery.

Can I leave feedback, suggestions and complaints?

These can be sent via our email address which is

Where can I see the menu?

A full menu is available to print on the website on the ‘how to order’ page. This includes a product key showing items suitable for vegetarians and gluten free products. Please go to  for further information.

Can you deliver food and drinks for our office party?

Yes. Please go to  for further information.

Can you deliver M&S food to my office for staff lunches or meetings with clients?

Yes. Please go to  for further information.

I need help ordering a catered lunch for an upcoming meeting. Who should I contact?

If you need any help, please email us at or phone the team on: 0044 (0)333 014 8333

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