E-Gift Card FAQs

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What are e-gift cards and e-codes?

E-gift cards work like gift cards and gift vouchers but they’re sent to you by email. They can be used for shopping online only at www.marksanspencer.com or in-store, and can be topped up, just like a gift card.

What is the difference between e-gift cards and e-codes?

E-Gift Cards are delivered by M&S on your behalf. You’ll send us a list of email addresses, personal messages and the values that you’d like to give to each recipient, and we’ll sort the rest

E-Codes are for you to deliver to the end recipient. We’ll supply you with a spreadsheet of unique URL’s and you can then email these to the end recipients, as and when you need to. When the recipient clicks on the URL, they will download their M&S e-Gift Card which can be used in-store or online.

What denominations do you offer?

E-gift cards can be loaded with any value from £1 to £1000.

How would they be sent to me?

Either you can request to receive a list of URLs, whereby when you click on the link it will open up the e-gift card PDF online, or, we have the capabilities to mass send e-gift cards daily on behalf of our clients if you are happy for us to manage your campaign for you.

How quickly will I receive my e-gift cards?

As soon as payment has been received your e-gift cards will be sent to you. The send can take up to four hours.

How many e-gift cards can I order?

There is no limit to the number of e-gift cards you can order.

Where can I spend my M&S e-gift cards?

Your M&S e-gift card can be redeemed in any UK, ROI or French store. To use your e-gift card online, you’ll need the 16 digit code and PIN which are sent to you by email. You can also redeem the e-gift card online anywhere in the world at www.marksandspencer.com – please ensure your delivery location is valid by going to; http://help.marksandspencer.com/faqs/delivery-collection/international/?intid=faq_international

What can be bought with e-gift cards?

E-gift cards can be used for most purchases. However they cannot be used to pay for M&S Bank Services, M&S Bank Products, M&S Energy or outstanding M&S credit card, and M&S More Chargecard balances. They are not accepted for made to measure shirts or personalised cards.

Can I use my e-gift card as part payment?

Yes. Customers can pay the difference with their credit or debit card online or part pay with cash or card in store.

Where do I find my e-gift card PIN and 16 digit code?

PINs can be found on the email that is sent with your e-gift card. The 16 digit card numbers are found on the customer’s e-gift card attachment.

How will I know how much money is on e-gift cards I receive?

The email message received with the e-gift card tells the customer the value of the e-gift card.

How can I check my balance?

E-gift card balances can be viewed on the M&S website under ‘check balance’ in My Account.  You can also check your balance by telephone on 0044 (0)333 014 8443 in the UK and Channel Islands. Local rates apply but please note mobile rates vary. Your balance can also be checked in store by presenting your barcode for scanning at the till.

Can I get the cash back from my e-gift card?

E-gift cards cannot be returned or refunded, except in accordance with legal rights. The balance cannot be converted into cash.

Is there an expiry period for my e-gift card?

E-gift cards are valid for 24 months from the last transaction (transactions include balance enquiries). Any remaining balance will be cancelled on expiry of the validity period. Click here to check your balance.

What will happen if I return an item purchased with my e-gift card?

If any product purchased with an e-gift card is returned for an exchange or refund, any money refunded will go back onto the e-gift card. You can then re-print it or use it online.
If you have deleted your original e-gift card email, we can re-send it to you. If you’re refunding an item in store, the refund can be added to a Gift Card.

What happens if my e-gift card is lost, stolen or damaged?

Your e-gift card is valuable. Please keep your e-gift card number secure. Your card number is unique and the total value can only be redeemed once. Marks & Spencer will not accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged e-gift cards. If you have lost your print out, you can reprint the e-gift card if you have the original email. If your email has been deleted or you’ve lost your PIN, please call us on 0044 (0)333 014 8443 to discuss.

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