Boost Business in the Travel & Leisure Industry

The travel & leisure industry is a highly competitive market, but it’s one that’s experiencing an unprecedented period of change and growth. One in twelve jobs in the UK is currently either directly or indirectly supported by tourism, with that number expected to increase by 250,000 between 2010 and 2020.

In such a saturated marketplace the best strategy is to get ahead of the competition… and stay there. This of course is easier said than done, but there are tactics you can use to help improve such as your offering and customer service.

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Achieve more this year with M&S Corporate Gifts. Our products have helped thousands of businesses, including travel & leisure clients.

Who M&S Corporate Gifts is for:

Our specialist team works with a range of travel & leisure clients including:

– Airlines
– Rail Companies
– Coach Companies
– Ferry & Cruise Companies
– Holiday Companies
– Major Hotel Chains
– Leisure Sites
– National Fitness Centres

How to use M&S Corporate Gifts as a Travel & Leisure business:

Working with our team, our products are tailored to solve your requirements. Our procurement strategies, gift cards and hampers – to name a few – are used in a number of strategies, such as:


Let us manage all your procurement needs to make equipping your premises with high quality M&S products in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Staff Rewards

Recognise positive behaviour within the travel & leisure sector by using rewards to boost morale and reward great work whether it’s going the extra mile for a customer or a long period of employment.

Customer Acquisition

With so much competition in the travel and leisure industry it’s important to stand out from your competitors. Increase your customer base by improving your offering with the ultimate goal of acquiring new customers.

Customer Retention

Get closer to your existing customers, put them first and recognise them for the business that they have given you in the past. Alternatively, use M&S gift cards and e-gift cards as acts of goodwill.


Create loyal brand advocates by personally rewarding returning customers. People are committed to brands they believe they have developed a genuine relationship with.


Motivate staff to beat business targets with rewards.

We also specialise in trade promotions & procurement and offer volume discounts, making M&S Corporate Gifts even better value.

Why use M&S Corporate Gifts:

– Ability to spend our products in over 800 stores throughout the UK
– Strong brand recognition, brand association and dual branded campaigns
– Experienced and award-winning sales team to help you every step of the way
– Specialists in the B2B incentive market

Whatever your requirements, we have an extensive range to suit your business. With everything from gift cards to luxury hampers, there’s always an item at M&S to match your objectives, audience and budget.

Are you a marketing decision maker? Integrate M&S Corporate Gifts into your 2017 strategy; benefit from superior brand association and utilise the opportunity to add innovative tactics to meet your business objectives.

Contact our dedicated and experienced team online or via telephone and start planning your campaign today.