The Reach of M&S for Business

Businesses across the world are benefiting from the extensive reach of M&S and discovering new audiences each and every day.

The name ‘Marks and Spencer’ provokes thoughts of luxury products, exquisite foods and an unparalleled service, which is why businesses across the world are so eager to align themselves with the M&S brand. For small and large businesses alike, M&S for business are able to assist in tapping into a previously undiscovered audience by using the strength of the M&S brand and their existing loyal customer base.

Throughout this piece we aim to show you the dramatic impact a relationship with M&S could have for your business; including just how many people you would have access to, who those people are and why this could change your business for the better.

You’re Never Far from an M&S Store

M&S has 1,382 stores worldwide, with 914 of those stores being situated in the UK. Practically the whole of the country has access to an M&S store. From Elgin to Falmouth, more than half of the UK’s population shop at M&S. That’s a staggering 32.2 million people buying food, clothes and home goods each year.

No one is ever too far from an M&S store, so as a business partner, M&S can offer serious brand recognition. With a powerful online presence as well as our domination of the high street, everyone has access to M&S products which means we are sure to be able to access your specified target market through one of our many business products and services.

The average M&S customer

White it’s quite clear that to define a specific M&S customer may be nearly impossible when there are 32.2 million different personalities and demographics shopping with M&S, we can give you an idea of the kind of people you will be targeting if you choose to partner with M&S for Business.

Businesses across the world are benefiting from the extensive reach of M&S and discovering new audiences each and every day.

At M&S the choice of modern fashion, exciting foods and high quality goods attracts in audiences of all ages and from all walks of life.

Aligning Your Brand With a Name People Trust

The beauty of aligning your businesses with the trusted name of M&S is that the brand has built up a reputation with a vast audience for over 130 years, implementing countless campaigns and investing heavily in public relations. This makes life so much easier for you and your business as your business is instantly associated with all of the hard work M&S has been putting in over the years to build such a dominating brand.

M&S is seriously invested in charity work, with each store across the country choosing their own charity to support. With strong ethical and environmental goals laid out in Plan A, M&S is a business which sources goods responsibly, reduces waste where possible and helps communities in order to make a positive change in the world.

With campaigns aimed at helping people get into work, reducing food waste, saving the ocean and recycling unwanted clothes, M&S is constantly pushing for a safer and more sustainable environment for everyone. By working with M&S for Business, you get to benefit from the relationships we have built with so many customers and businesses throughout the world.

With such a vast reach as well as a wide variety of customer demographics and a strong brand name, M&S is the ideal partner for any business looking to engage new or existing customers. At M&S for Business, we have a variety of products and solutions which can help your business to achieve its goals. Browse our services online or get in touch with us and start reaching out to your audience today.