Reward Schemes In The Digital Age


With UK online retail sales looking to reach around £52.25 Billion by the end of 2015, it’s clear to see that consumers are keen to shop online. This figure is around 15% of all UK retail sales and really highlights the shift in buyer behaviour since ecommerce came into play. Window shoppers have now become computer screen shoppers, footfall has become clickfall and purchasing has become easier than ever. This highlights the need for UK businesses to be rewarding customers and employees alike with digital rewards.

While tangible goods are still very popular, businesses need to appeal to the young, digital savvy consumer and workforce which thrive in an online world. Digital rewards involve products such as E-gift cards and online properties like music and games. People prefer to shop online because you can simultaneously look for reviews, similar products and compare prices online within seconds. Today’s smart shopper will always search for more information on a product, especially a more expensive product, before purchasing. At M&S for business, we have several digital reward products on offer:

E-Gift Cards

M&S E-Gift Cards allow the recipient to shop online for Marks and Spencer goods at their leisure. They are a highly flexible product and offer great benefits to the business using them. Firstly, they can be sent as an instant reward via email as a PDF attachment or a simple URL. This ‘real time rewarding’ makes much more of an impact and helps develop the relationship between consumer/employee and business.

The E-gift card is available in any denomination from £1 – £750 and each one can be sent with a personalised message to the recipient. M&S for business have the ability to send these E-Gift cards out on mass, enabling you to reward multiple people simultaneously. They can be printed out or sent to a mobile device if the recipient decides they want to take their voucher in store. This flexibility makes the E-Gift card one of the best choices when considering a reward scheme.

Dine In E-Gift Card

The Marks and Spencer ‘Dine in for £10’ meal deal has proven extremely popular over the years, becoming a Friday night favourite for people all over the country. The Dine In E-Gift Card offers business’s the opportunity to piggy back on the meal deals success by rewarding clients and employees alike with a fully paid for meal. While the traditional meal deal only costs £10, the Dine In E-Gift Card is available to load in any denomination between £10 – £750. This allows you to reward all your employees with a £10 meal deal or just reward a specific person with a larger amount to recognise a particular achievement.

Again, as with the regular E-Gift card, this can be an instant reward received as a PDF or URL. This makes the impact of the reward so much greater. They can be sent out on mass, personalised, printed to use in store and reloaded if necessary, making them a highly flexible option. The advantage of these cards is that all M&S food can be ordered online, meaning the recipient is more likely to find everything they want as some items may have run out in store.

Ecommerce and online shopping are only going to expand as time goes by, so a digital reward scheme is going to play a major part in most businesses strategies going forward. The advantage of instant, real time rewarding enhances the rewards experience and allows the recipient more flexibility in how they use their reward. For more information on any of the products mentioned in this article, please feel free to contact us today.