Improving Workplace Culture To Help Colleagues Spend Life Well

On average, we spend 90,000 hours of our lives at work. Find out how to help your team spend it well and get the most out of working with your business.

There has never been a greater need for a positive work culture that not only attracts new talent but ensures they are retained within your business.

Recent studies have found that happiness in the workplace plays a vital role in improving employee engagement. There have been many instances where businesses have noticed high attrition and low productivity because they have failed to identify their employees’ lack of happiness at work.


Positive Work Culture Encourages Happy Colleagues

If your colleagues dread going into work, they’re not going to be fully engaged and will most likely spend their time wishing they were elsewhere. You’ll find that they may be doing the bare minimum and will likely never try to go above and beyond to show off their skills.

If you establish a culture that your colleagues are excited to be a part of then they will be much happier with their jobs; happier colleagues are more likely to exceed expectations, resulting in increased productivity.

Positive Work Cultures Inspire Collaboration

In a positive work environment, your colleagues will feel encouraged to get to know their co-workers and team members. If your colleagues feel more comfortable with other team members and there is good communication across departments, people will feel more confident to put across their thoughts and ideas.

Creating a Positive Work Culture

Encourage your colleagues to take a break – There are many cases where individuals do not fully take advantage of their breaks and days off. Working without breaks will result in burnout, subsequently affecting performance levels and productivity. Encouraging your colleagues to take their breaks will mean they can enjoy some down time and clear their minds before returning to work.

Create a clear vision for your company – Your colleagues will want to know that their efforts are making a difference to the business. Having a mission statement can act as the foundation for positive work, helping to give colleagues a focus for their work.

Encourage agile working – Businesses should consider the individual working requirements for employees to help them work their best. Creating office spaces that encourage collaboration and spark innovation is the key to a happy work culture.

Reward your colleagues – Apart from the annual celebrations or team outings, try to reward smaller achievements. There is no need to be extravagant with gifts you give your colleagues, a simple
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