Acquiring more customers this year

Help your customers spend 2018 well with a successful loyalty & rewards scheme.

It’s becoming more and more frequent that customers don’t just expect the best price for their policy or services, but look for added value when it comes to choosing what company to use.

Your 2018 customer acquisition strategy could involve introducing a reward scheme that is used as part of a total package offered by a company and can be used to encourage positive behaviour from a customer. As most people have a price in mind when shopping for a service, they are more likely to be swayed by additional offerings that may benefit their lives.

Developing a strong customer acquisition strategy can be tough in any industry, especially as customers are looking for more than just the standard service and are looking for added benefits with any service or policy they take out. Implementing a reward scheme is one way of standing out against competition and makes your customers feel valued.

Help Customers with Attractive Offerings

When planning your customer acquisition scheme, it is important to have an attractive offering that is relevant and useful to help your customers get the most out of doing business with you.

Attractive offers can include:
– Money back
– Gift card or e-Gift card
– Discount for a third party company
– Cash incentive for recommending a friend

The reward must add value for your potential customer in some way. One key benefit of having an acquisition scheme in place is that it enables you to retain your new customers effectively.

81% of respondents in a survey by M&S said that they would feel more valued as a customer if their service provider surprised them with gift cards from a third party company as a reward for their loyalty.
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Building Relationships

Not only do customer acquisition schemes help attract new customers, they help to build and strengthen long-lasting relationships with them. One of the best ways you can improve relationships with your clients is to make them feel valued; and the best way to do this is by conducting in-depth research on understanding your customers and beginning to paint a picture of what they are looking for from a business.

Only once you know this, can you start to determine the best way to communicate with them and start to implement strategies to develop your relationship.

You need to think about what you stand for, how you communicate your message and the actions you take to prove yourself.

M&S Customer Acquisition Strategies

Implementing a reward scheme to give back to loyal customers is a great way to increase customer retention, satisfaction and acquisition. Rewarding your customers makes them feel involved with your brand and gives them the sense that your brand is worth more than the competition.

With exceptional redemption rates, an M&S gift card will be appreciated by your customers, giving them the freedom to choose something really special for themselves.

Speak to our expert team today to see how M&S can help you drive customer acquisition within your business and help your clients spend 2018 well.