How to help colleagues spend this year well

Now is the perfect time to introduce a fresh approach to motivate and retain your best talent in 2018.

Set Targets

The beginning of the year can be a trying time for businesses; due to the winter weather, sometimes colleagues need a little help getting back on track.

One of the best ways to help them to focus away from the seasonal blues is to give them a purpose and something to work towards. Setting targets, deadlines and enticing them with rewards will help to re-energise your workforce.

Encourage Enthusiasm

The energy and atmosphere generated in the workplace can affect staff both positively and negatively. We spend a huge amount of time in the workplace – more than a third of our lives in fact – so by making the experience as enjoyable as possible, your teams will benefit as a result.

Give your colleagues something to look forward to such as a teambuilding or social event. Even a team lunch can be fun and help colleagues reconnect in addition to increased satisfaction and productivity.

Create a Healthy Environment

Creating a great place to work where colleagues want to be part of shows that you value your employees. Embrace your company values and use them in your everyday work life, such as rewarding colleagues for displaying your company values.

Many colleagues may be trying to be healthier in 2018. Introducing fruit within the workplace is a great way to help feed their minds and help them achieve their goals. Even the smallest things will show your consideration.

Recognise and Reward Colleague Achievements

Another way to increase satisfaction and productivity in the workplace is by celebrating colleagues’ achievements and milestone events. 67% of colleagues are happier and more productive when managers focus on positive aspects of their performance, so recognising and rewarding these feats, big or small, is vital in ensuring your staff feel valued.

Utilising a successful reward scheme that motivates and recognises valuable employees doesn’t need to be complex or expensive. Rewarding your employees with an M&S Gift Card or E-Gift Card is the perfect way of saying thank you, giving them the freedom to enrich their lives by treating themselves to something they’ll love.

Our corporate gifts are the most recognisable incentives and are used across many organisations across the UK and Ireland to help those hard workers spend life well.

Speak to one of our dedicated team today to see how M&S can help boost your colleagues’ motivation throughout 2018.