Creating a Compelling Marketing Plan for 2016

Your 2016 diet plan might have ended already, but make sure your business doesn’t suffer with our step-by-step guide to creating a winning marketing plan

Marketing Plan

Now that 2015 has come to an end, businesses everywhere are reviewing their targets and evaluating the losses and gains made over the past year. This is a time to decide which of your marketing strategies should be expanded upon and which should be dropped. Your marketing plan for 2016 should be backed up by the results you saw in 2015 and should also pay close attention to current marketing trends.


So the first step towards your marketing plan 2016 will be to evaluate your 2015 marketing plan thoroughly. You may want to ask yourself the following questions:

Have I met my objectives?

Take a look at each of the specific objectives you set for 2015. Have they been met? If so, what techniques did you use which could be carried over into 2016? If not, what prevented you from meeting the objective? Do you need to be more realistic in 2016? Or do you just need to try a new set of strategies and tactics?

Were the tasks I set in order to achieve my objectives successful and relevant?

Look at each of the tasks you implemented in order to achieve you objectives. Were some more valuable than others? Did some tasks achieve something which you didn’t expect them to? If so, perhaps you should think about implementing these tasks again with a different objective.

What challenges did I face?

Are there any aspects of the marketing plan which presented unexpected problems? If so, did you find a way around these issues? If not, you may want to question whether these elements of the marketing plan need to be included at all.

What feedback did I get?

You should review the feedback you got from as many sources as possible. What did you team think went well or needed improvement? What were your superiors particularly impressed or disappointed with? What did your clients or customers have to say? The marketing plan should not just be a plan of want you want as an individual, it should be a collaboration of ideas from various sources.

What is the next step?

You may find that many of your objectives are difficult to achieve in one year alone, however, splitting each objective into separate sub-objectives allows you to fully concentrate on achieving each step without rushing. If you find there are any objectives which still need more work, trying splitting them into sub-objectives to help you achieve each one in a structured order.

Once you have evaluation all of the results and evidence of your 2015 marketing plan, you have the starting point for creating your 2016 plan. If something worked in 2015 and you want to expand it in 2016, use the evidence you have already collected in order to back up your decision. If you can prove that a certain strategy will have positive results from past experience then no one can question your motives.


Sometimes, the most innovative businesses are the ones that see the highest success rate. That’s why it is so important to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends, especially during a time of such technological expansion in the digital marketing industry. With consumer behaviour changing, the level of reach increasing and the importance of building relationships becoming a priority, there are several trends you need to watch in order to keep up with the changes.

Mobile will become more important than desktop

In 2015 Google released a new ‘Mobilegeddon’ algorithm which has highlighted the importance of mobile friendly websites. Google gave a two month notice period warning of the impending algorithm so that website owners could make preparations for it. Desktop traffic already started to decline in 2015 and is set to reduce further in 2016 as mobile dominates traffic.

Video advertising will become more popular

While online video advertising is not a new concept, it is certainly one that is set to grow in 2016. Video advertising is already populating social media news feeds, however Google now plans to bring video advertising to the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) in response to user demands and expectations.

Online advertising costs are expected to rise

With competition in the online marketing environment steadily increasing, those who are advertising online should expect their costs to rise with the demand. Online advertising is currently quite affordable, but as more and more businesses sign up, the higher the cost will be to get your business noticed. You should prepare for this when budgeting for your 2016 marketing plan.


With a detailed knowledge of the successes and failures of your 2015 marketing plan combined with an awareness of the direction in which the market in going, your 2016 marketing plan can be built on well-educated and practical objectives, strategies and tasks. At Marks and Spencer for business, we have a wide variety of strategies which can make your marketing a success in 2016.

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