Christmas Hampers – The Personal Business Gift

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Xmas Hamper

Christmas is not only an important date in every family home across the country but it is also an important date in the business calendar. The festive season offers businesses a chance to show their generous side and give something back to the loyal clients which have stuck with them throughout the year. Not only that, it also offers an opportunity to be noticed by prospects and recognise employees hard work too.

The question for business men and women at this time of year is how to make their clients feel appreciated in a way which will stand out, on a budget. While a bottle of wine is a lovely gift to receive, it is also quite predictable and the chances are that your clients will receive enough wine to stock their cellars all year round at Christmas, so you want to offer them something which will really get noticed and will get them talking about your generosity and creativeness.

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One of the most effective Christmas corporate gifts which is sure to get noticed is the Christmas Hamper. The great advantage of this gift is that it can be personalised to each client’s taste with ease. Personalisation of Christmas gifts shows that you understand your client and care about them as an individual. This can be hard to do when each of your clients has such diverse interests; for example if one of your clients is a keen golfer it would work out very expensive to buy them a worthwhile present such as a new set of golf clubs. However, if you know your client enjoys a glass of port and a mince pie after their game of golf, this can be included in their Christmas Hamper.

Our M&S Christmas Hampers have several different package ideas, from wines and biscuits to family hampers with sweets and nibbles for the kids as well as the adults and celebration hampers which include champagne and truffles. We even offer a Gluten Free Christmas Hamper for those clients with special dietary requirements. This allows you to personalise the hamper depending on your client’s preferences and lifestyle. If you’re not entirely sure what your client would like in the hamper, we offer a Gift Cards which will allow the client to select a gift of their choice.


Another major advantage of the Christmas Hamper is its smart, attractive and festive presentation. There are a variety of wicker hamper styles available. From the simple fabric lined wicker basket, beautifully presented with festive bows to large wicker hampers with faux leather handles and straps. You have the opportunity to include festive extras such as stockings and holly too which make it even more special.


Not only are Christmas hampers the ideal seasonal gifts due to their personalisation and presentation but they are also a flexible, affordable option. You decide the budget of your hamper, and what you want included and we build it for you and send it to the client. It couldn’t be simpler! You can also order our Christmas Hampers in bulk to make the process even easier. Speak to our corporate team on 0333 014 8444 to discuss your specific requirements.

All corporate Christmas orders should be placed by 16th December 2016 to ensure delivery to your clients by 23rd December 2016. Contact us today and get your corporate Christmas gifts ordered now!