10 Business Resolutions for 2016

Another new year and another new set of resolutions. Forget your target to diet and exercise more, we have the ultimate list of resolutions for your business to aim to achieve in 2016.

10 Business Resolutions for 2016

Learn something new

Finding something new to learn provides something a little different in your life to the normal work routine. Whatever you learn whether it’s a new sport, language or skill can be applied to your business to make you more valuable to the company. Learning a language for example could be useful with overseas customers or provide a talking point to socialise with your colleagues. Take on board what Michael Bloomberg said: “Never stop learning”.

Reward staff

As a manager within a company, showing your gratitude to your employees and colleagues can create a more positive working environment. Our insight report found that offering staff rewards shows the team they are valued within the wider company and therefore, they continue to work hard, knowing the work they produce is appreciated. Rewards can be big or small, from taking the team out for a meal to simply sending them an email displaying your gratefulness. Find out how we can with employee motivation.

Give something back

Donating to charity or volunteering locally helps you do something rewarding as well as create some team-building amongst your colleagues. In 2016, fundraise throughout the year or volunteer for a single event – whatever you do, it is something that can also raise a positive profile of your company in the local community and can help with brand loyalty.

Assess what isn’t working

Sit down and look at everything from the past year, month or week. Find the things that are not working in the business and axe them. If something in the long term is not working with little possible chance of a resolution being reached, you may be wasting time, effort and money on something unbeneficial which could be used on more effective, profitable schemes.

Be social with colleagues

Being on good terms with your colleagues can create an enjoyable, positive working environment. Make sure you talk regularly, not just about work, to everyone you work with – however busy you may be. Try to do something out of the office with them, like have lunch together or go for a drink.

Create a good work-life balance

For a healthy work-life balance, allow yourself some time out occasionally. Working 24/7 could be effective to the business; however, you will end up affecting your mental or physical health drastically. Even if it’s going for a walk in your lunchtime or reading a book, this will take your mind off the worries of business for a few minutes. Make sure you do something you love every single day!

Reward your customers

Whether it’s a monetary discount, a letter of thanks or something more tangible, your customers or clients will appreciate the sentiment. We found that rewarding customers builds long-lasting positive relationships for the future and creates brand advocates. Let your customers know how great they are!

Create a great company atmosphere

Working in a great office space can easily motivate staff to do their best which can benefit your business. We found that employees prefer an open culture to inspire them to work harder. Talk to your staff or employees to find out what they like about the place they work within and try and implement any aspects they would like changed. This includes that old printer or computer that everyone hates to use too.

Commit to business planning

Many companies plan only once or twice a year. However, by planning what you’re doing each week or month, you will know exactly where your business is heading in 2016. Avoid any sneaky deadlines, stressed out weeks or costly mistakes with successful, detailed planning!

Set realistic goals for the year

However small your goals for 2016 might be, the main thing is your motivation to achieve them. The more achievable they are, the more success and positivity you will have within your business. Have a great year.